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How can i get master balls?

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FrozenTime answered:

The original one is in Veilstone cities galactic Headquarters. You can get some additional ones at the Jubilife TV station. If one of you pokemons ID's match all 5 numbers, you win a Master Ball. If you don't think you'll ever win, just get some off the GTS. I've gotten 3 masterballs from Pokemon holding it when I traded from the GTS.
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Unowninator answered:


Cyrus gives you the Master Ball after you beat him for the first time. Sometimes, people will offer them w/ the GTS. Those are the only ways of getting a Master Ball.
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jaimito_vond answered:

Also,in the trading boards you can ask for them(even more,if you want them,i can handle them to you for free)
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lotsofdarkness answered:

you can also get them at the Jubilife lottery if your really lucky
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Kyriin answered:

Also, you can use Pal Park.

Get the masterball from the gamboy advanced game, give it to any one six of the pokemon you plan to send to your game, and when you catch them, you've gots a masterball. ^_^
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Lucario1545 answered:

Three ways.1. get it from Cyrus when you beat him.2 win the lottery(match all the numbers so I suggest you trade) 3 Get it from Emerald and use the cloning glitch in emerald.
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xdman11 answered:

I hack shappire with a code of 99 master balls and gave it to one of my pokemon and traded it and you have a master ball! ^_^
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