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How do I get Uxie and Mesprit when I don't have Master Balls?

I want to catch them all!

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FrozenTime answered:

You don't really need a Masterball. Uxie is in a cave, so It's easier because you can use Dusk Balls for 4x effective. Mesprit is a runner, so just get someone with Mean Look. I would get the In-game trade (Medicham for Gasper (Haunter). It can have both Mean Look and Hypnosis. Now for Uxie, bring his life down as much as possible (False Swipe works great), put it to sleep (2x chance), and throw Dusk Balls and you should be able to catch it. Now for Mesprit, first use Mean Look so it can't run. Now put it to sleep and bring it's HP down as low as possible again. Since she's not in a cave, you can either throw Ultra Balls (2x catch rate), Dusk Balls if it's during night time (1x-4x Catch rate), Timer Balls if the match drags out really long(1x-4x catch rate), or Dive Balls if you find it over water (3.5x catch rate).
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PAHERZ answered:

you do not need a masterball they dont run away just go to the lakes and into the cave. Save before you talk to them and then you can try to catch them
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