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Where can I find rare candies?

I have found the normal ones lying around, all of them, and I do not want to hack with AR or spend hours at the battle tower. Anywhere else?

tuffysos0915 asked for clarification::

Do you have an action replay?

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FrozenTime answered:

You can get more Rare Candies from the ability Pick Up. The Pokemon that can have the ability Pick Up are: Aipom, Ambipom, Linoone, Meowth,Muchlax, Pachirisu, Phanphy, Teddiursa, and Zigzagoon. You have a 10% chance of picking an Item up after every battle, and a small chance of Rare Candy being the Item that was picked up at LV. 31-100. Try to get the Pokemon to level 51 or higher because you will have a better chance of finding a Rare candy (10% instead of 5 or 3%).
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XxCharadeX answered:

Also when you unlock the Battle Tower you can get rare candies of the points you win.
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