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I need to Delete/Remove Pokemon to add others?

I have 6 pokemon and 12 others, but I am only able to use the 6. How can I delete/add additional pokemon to go further in the game. How can I use them to fight with. I am only able to use the 6. Please help??

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Sorry My son is only 8. Exactly how do you do you deposit the pokemon to the pc, so you can use others. If you give me an idea I can do it for him. Thanks so much

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apple_blossom92 answered:

You have to go to a Pokemon Center, and in the top right corner there will be a PC. Press A facing the PC and it will have certain options. Press A on the first option (Someone's PC) and it will have even more options! Just select deposit Pokemon, or to switch your Pokemon (eg. I have a Dialga in my party and a Palkia in my PC and I want to switch.) select the Pokemon in your party then select the Pokemon in the PC you want in your party.
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Topher65 answered:

deposit the pokemon you dont need in the PC. You can never have more then six in your party, though.
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apple_blossom92 answered:

Also, if you REALLY don't want a Pokemon, you can choose to abandon it when it's selected. I really wouldn't suggest that since your son might want that Pokemon later, and it's impossible to retrieve an abandoned Pokemon. Even if you go to the area you caught it in and find another Pokemon of the same breed, the level will always be the general level in the area (eg. Right by Twinleaf Town the general Pokemon level is about 5.). The only exceptions are Mesprit, Uxie, Azelf, and Dialga if you have Pokemon Diamond, or Palkia if you have Pearl. Legendaries are always a set level, and there is only one, meaning if you make a Legendary faint it will never come back!
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