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What level does Gligar evolve?

I have a level 61 Gligar and I want to know if it should have evolved already.

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DANTENERO159 answered:

You have to give Gligar a Razer Fang and train him one level at night.I think the time has to be between 8:00pm-4:00am. I am not sure if it has to be at night though. And i know cause i have a level 39 Gliscor. I trained him alevel at night and he evelved. And if you dont believe me that i have a gliscor i will prove it.

Lonely Nature Likes Spice foods
hp 119 attack 95 defence 93 SP. Attack 51 SP. Defence 70 Speed 91
Ability sand vail
Moves:U Turn,Poison Jab,Night Slash,Steel Wing
Type ground flying
0 0


FrozenTime answered:

You need to Level Gligar up while it's holding a Razor Fang at night.
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