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What is the best nature for my pokemon?

Here is my pokemon:

Orpheon92 provided additional details:

I have the my second favorite team too:
-Deoxys (Attck form)

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D2the_M answered:

I think Magmortar should be a Modest Nature, to capitalise on its Special Attack which is very good.
arceus - If it knows Swords Dance and Extremespeed, then give it a Naughty Nature. This Pokemon is Uber though, so I don't use it.
magnezone - Its Special Attack is good. So, you'll want a Modest Magnezone.
mamoswine - these are slow, so you'll want to increase its attack (Adamant), or increase its speed (Jolly).
darkrai - Majorly Uber. However, Modest nature or Timid nature will suit Darkrai.
palkia/dialga - Palkia or Dialga both like their Special Attack, so any Special attack raising nature is good. Uber though.
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Timeater99 answered:

There is no best nature, only best LV+Stats
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LegendaryBacon answered:

Depends what their roles are. For instance, sweepers should have a nature which raises their speed (such as Hasty, Timid, or Jolly)
And wallers have natures which raise their HP/Defense/Special Defense. Such as Calm, Bold, Impish, etc.
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PokeZeldaFF_Inc answered:

It all depends on what YOU want ur pokemon 2 b. Let's take ur MAGMORTER 4 example. Its SA (special attack) is Its strongest stat & Its weakest is D (Defense). There 4, u could either make it:
ATTACKER-by having a NATURE of LONELY:+ A (attack) & - D, or MILD-+ SA & - D
*Having ur pokemon b an attacker gives u power 2 defeat ur enemy fast (have a pokemon w/ a lot of A or SA along w/ a nature that boosts A or SA 2 b very strong!). Use good attacker moves like FIRE BLAST, or EATHQUAKE so u'll win even faster (example of MAGMORTER)!
DEFENDER-by having a NATURE of BOLD:+ D & - A, or CAREFUL: + SD (special defense) & - SA
*Having ur pokemon b a defender give u plenty of time 2 stall or defeat ur rival (have a pokemon w/ a lot of D or SD naturally w/ a nature that boosts D & SD will make u well guarded!). Great defender moves would b like DOUBLE TEAM or ENDURE (example of MAGMORTER)!
SUPPORTER-by having a NATURE of IMPISH:+D & -SA or RELAXED: + D & - S (speed)
*Having ur pokemon b a supporter is more 2 help ur team members out other than urself, although u could still b a supporter & just use that pokemon (supporters tend 2 have their stats evened out so if ur pokemon is lacking in a stat & higher in another, choose the nature that lowers the high stat, & heightens the low stat). Supporting moves would b like PROTECT, SUNNY DAY, or SUBSTITUTE (example of MAGMORTER).
*Note that there r still a lot more natures that could fit in the groups I gave u

Other than the pokemon's NATURES, there is also pokemon's CHARACTER as well in which most people don't even talk about. It is random, just like natures & DOES NOT lose poke stats like natures, only gains them. 2 see the CHARACTER, go 2 the SUMMARY SCREEN of a pokemon(same 1 as u find the nature),& its listed right above what flaver ur pokemon likes(dry,happily eats anything,etc). I'll tell u what they r, & which stats r raised:
HP+ = "Loves to eat"-"Often dozes off"-"Often scatters things"-"Scatters things often"-"Likes to relax".(the "Often Scatters things"&"Scatters things often" is NOT a typing error! The creaters of the game must of messed up & didn't relize it.)
ATTACK+ ="Proud of it's power"-"Likes to thrash about"-"A little quick tempered"-"Likes to fight"-"Quick tempered".
DEFENSE+ ="Sturdy body"-"Capable of taking hits"-"Highly persistant"-"Good endurance"-"Good persaverance".
SPECIAL ATTACK+ ="Highly curious"-"Michievous"-"Thouroghly cunning"-"Often lost in thought"-"Very finicky".
SPECIAL DEFENSE+ ="Strong willed"-"Somewhat vain"-"Strongly defiant"-"Hates to lose"-"Somewhat stubborn".
SPEED+ ="Likes to run"-"Alert to sounds"-"Impetuous and silly"-"Somewhat of a clown "-"Quick to flee".

*All-in-all, choose what STYLE u want 4 ur pokemon 1st, THEN decide what MOVES, NATURES, & CHARACTERS that go WITH it 2 form ur pokemon's destiny!
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pokemon14033 answered:

Hey if you want i will give you level 100 mew or mewtwo for your arceus
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