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How do i trade pokemon with people around the world?

I want to trade with my friend from far away wirelessly.

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seboku i have your friend code. G

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People if you want my friend code it is 3480 8367 3410
or email me at

pokemon14033 provided additional details:

suboku i got your code because you posted it on another question. G

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Seboku answered:

cool but whered u get my friend code LOL
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Seboku answered:

You get a pal pad and get peoples friend code and register them inside the pad
than u give them yours and
get online at the same time and you can trade
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DARN0C answered:

Add them to you pal pad, or just GTS
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hunterjacob10 answered:

Once you start up your game don' t press the story go down in the main menu and there will be a slot that says Nintendo Wi-Fi settings. Press search for a network. Chosse a avaiaible network.
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Bowlord answered:

Try the friend code way, use the pad pal, register your friend. but remember you will need the Nintendo Wi-fi settings.
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hapy9998 answered:

U go to Jubilife city and Go to the GTS(Global Trading Station)
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xdragonknight12 answered:

you can go to the GTS in Jubilife cIty like every one else said
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Pokemaster4321 answered:

Hi I'm Just Here To Agree with everybody else.
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tylerkidd answered:

I agree with the others
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bcanfield answered:

Go to jubilife city and go to the old man on the street. Go all the way left. Go past the guy. A building. Go in. Talk to the person behind the counter. Happy to help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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David200k answered:

GTS or PalPad ... no other way I personally know of ...

GTS gives you a better chance of getting what you're looking for.
PalPad gives you the option of later battling your Trade Partner, as well as negotiate with them via IM, Forum, etc.
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ashisawesome843 answered:

To trade with people from around the world, I would go to the GTS, or the Global Trading Center. Just talk the the girl behind the counter on the first floor and use your Wi-Fi Connections to connect the the internet and there you can trade with people from around the world.
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firaman answered:

You can use the gts to search for pokemon u have in ur pokedex from around the world.
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LEFT4deader answered:

Its simple. In jublife city there is a building call the GTC or the Global Trading Center. inside there is a woman behind a counter. if you talk to her she will ask you if you want to connect to wifi. to connect you must have a wireless connector. once connected there will be pokemon that people are willing to trade. if you cannot find the pokemon you are looking for get a variety of pokemon. after doing that if a person who has the pokemon you want sees one of your pokemon that he/she wants she will trade the pokemon you wanted for the pokemon you had that they wanted. the trade will automaticly begin even if you are not there! PS if you have a pokemon up there for too long without checking it may go away but this dosent usually happen. check your pokemon to pick up the pokemon that was traded.
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bulldoger11 answered:

In order to trade around the world, you have to have a WiFi connection or a USB WiFi connection cable. First, set up your connection to WiFi, then go to Jublife City. You have to go to the GTS (Global Trade Station). after you go into the GTS, talk to the lady behind the counter for info, or to trade around the world. This is where WiFi comes in as the internet runs throughout the globe, allowing such trades. When in the GTS, all you have to do is select "Search pokemon" or "Deposit pokemon". I go with Search pokemon, because it allows flexibility in traded pokemon. once you trade, the pokemon is yours. By using this trading system, you'll get the globe for your secret base.
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krazystitch answered:

Make sure you have Wi-Fi connection then go to Jubilife city and go to the left of the Pokemon Center in between 2 buildings and go into the GTS and then talk to the counter lady to get started.
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pengi44 answered:

Just use the GTS after you beat first boss
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