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Asked: 6 years ago

What is the best ways to use heart scales?

I know heart scales can be used to get moves from somewhere, but is there another way to use them. What moves do you suggest using heart scales to learn. I got 8 heart scales right now.

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From: RPG_Eater 6 years ago

The only use of heart scales is to relearn moves in the southwest house in Pastoria City (the one by the big lake), as you already know. There is no other use for them.

As for what moves you should get, I can't tell you. The point of heart scales is to get back a move from the pokemon's natural moveset, so if you, say, wanted to teach your Gallade Leaf Blade, you'll have to go to Pastoria City and pay a heart scale to learn it.

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Basically I used them on the Legendaries when they're previous moves were better than their current ones, or if I accidentally killed off a good move. There is no other way to use the heart scales though.

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i suggest pokemon who has moves that they can learn at lv.1. that is only use of the heart scale.

for example: A steelix can learn Fire Fang, Ice Fang, and Thunder Fang by only using a Heart Scale.

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