Question from moellera

How does a Magnemite evolve into a Magnezone?

I have a Magnemite, and I want to evolve it.

moellera provided additional details:

I already have a level 100 Magneton.

Accepted Answer

DoublePie answered:

You can't evolve it now. You have to level it up inside Mt. Coronet, so if you can't level it up then you're stuck with a level 100 Magneton, friend.
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Seboku answered:

First evolve it to magneton than go to mt coronet and lv it up there
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nightmareframe answered:

Wait, so you have a magnemite and a level 100 magneton? You're stuck with the lv.100 magneton, but you can evolve your magnemite into a magneton THEN level it up in Mt.Coronet and it will evolve into a magnezone.
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