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Evolve it or not...?

I found a shiny Budew in the Great Marsh, I trained it and after all she evolved and now I have a Roselia. She is at Lv. 36 and Im not sure if evolve it would be a good idea. The Shiny Stones are not the problem, I have 30 of them thanks to my Lv. 100 Pachirisu. Well, what do you think?

Snoopy44291 provided additional details:

Magical Leaf---Return---Giga Drain---Shadow Ball.

HP: 91---Attack:67---Defense: 41---Sp. Atk: 83---Sp. Def:60---Speed:61

Ability:Natural Cure--------------Nature: Naughty

Im not very good at EV training so its stats are nothing special, but Im getting better.

Snoopy44291 provided additional details:

OK, I will evolve it!!! I like grass pokemon and a shiny Roserade will be a powerfull party member. I wasnt sure about doing this but I will do it. Thanks!!

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dbzking4rel answered:

I think you should evovle it. It'll become stronger learn some new moves and you'll be able to progress a tad more with your pokemon. But hey it's your pokemon man if you like it as it is i'm not going to provoke you, do with it as you would like. But you'll make some pretty imressive movements if you eveolve it...
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dstack181818 answered:

What attacts do u have already?
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