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Help me catch a feebas?

I seriously need help catching a feebas. Where in the bottom of the mount cornet can i get one? i have tried all the squares I have tried fishing around the rocks. can some one please be very spesific to where and how to catch this thing? I also have platnum and pearl versions and do have red and leaf green for the other game system.

eli36397 asked for clarification:

Actually, Old Rod works better for capturing Feebas because it only can fish up Feebas or Magikarp, instead of a high chance of Gyarados, etc.

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Master_Kenobi_7 answered:

I tried looking in my guide for the answer but it is much to complex to understand without the picture.

So, from CAHowell's guide (which I must say they did a great job) is this:

A very common question people ask me is how to find Feebass. Well, sadly,
it has not gotten any easier. However, you don't need anything too special
this time (In RSE, you needed Waterfall if you wanted to explore the entire
surfing area.

So, the first thing to know is where to find Feebass. Feebass can be found
on the basement floor of Mt. Coronet by going to Celestic Town, and then
heading left onto the east part of Route 211 and into the mountain. Note
that you will need surf and strength to be able to access the area (You
will need the Canalave City badge, or 6 bades total to access Feebass).

Once inside the mountain, go up and use Strength on the boulder. Push it
up and then continue north and down the stairs until the path changes
to the left. Keep going left and you will be on the basement floor.

Now, head left until you find another path and then go up and hug the right
part until you see a set of stairs leading down to a watery area. Use surf
to surf around.

Now, here is the hard part: Feebass randomly appears in only 4 of the
nearly 800 water tiles in this area. So, how does one find one? Its best
that you also have the Super Rod before doing this (You can only get it
once you have the National Dex, although you do not need it to catch
Feebass). Fish every spot at least 2-3 times until you give up and go
to the next one. Also note that the tiles Feebass appears in change each
day, so you cannot use the same spot each day to find Feebass.

There is also another way to influence where Feebass will appear. When
you trade records with a friend, the same spots they see Feebass on
certain days will be the same as yours, meaning you can make it a group
effort to find them.

It does take awhile, and there is a chance you might miss all four spots it
appears at, since there are 796+ tiles that have normal Pokemon in them. In
fact, the best way to get Feebass may be to get it off the GTS if you have
a wireless access point you can access.
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maniac909 answered:

Good speach ... 796? that person counted every square??
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