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How can I get all the eevee evolve forms?

I really want all the eevee evolve forms I already have Glaceon,Espeon, and Leafeon I want to know how to evolve my eevees into all the other eevee evolve forms

ella10049 provided additional details:

Where can I get the stones?

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RaikouTGC answered:

Use Thunder Stone->Jolteon
Use Water Stone->Vaporeon
Use Fire Stone->Flareon
Max Happiness + Day->Espeon
Max Happiness + Night->Umbreon
Level Up Near Mossy Rock->Leafeon
Level Up Near Icy Rock->Glaceon
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Leebee5purple answered:

RaikouTGC is right, but may i add that the moss rock is at eterna forest and the ice rock is on the route south of Snowpoint City.
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