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Asked: 5 years ago

How can I get to Stark Mountain?

I've tried to get to Stark Mountain from either Survival Area and Resort Area.BUT I CAN'T!!!


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From: blah1355 5 years ago

Please note that in order to get there you HAVE to bring along pokemon that know surf, rock climb, and for the inside, strength. This is the only way to get to and through Stark Mountain without cheats.

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You need a pokemon with surf, rock climb, and for the inside strength, as Blah1355 said. But how to actually get to stark mountain what I would tell you to do is have the map poketch out and go to the most northernly point in the survival/resort/battle area island.

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You'll need a bike, surf, strength and rock climb.Fly to the survival area. Go to the house beside it. Talk to ummmm... I forgot oh Buck, the red hair dude. Go out. Run to route 226. Go to the grass below. Rock climb the rocks. Rock climb down. Rock climb up. Rock climb down on the left. Surf. Land near a house. Go to the far end of the land. Surf still to the left. Land and go up. (You should see ashes by now.) Take out the bike. Switch it to gear 4. Jump the brown mud or whatever. Do the same for the next brown mud. Go down ONE ledge or line thingy. Go up the stairs through the grass going up. Jump two ledges. Go through the grass and here you are.

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