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Asked: 5 years ago

Where can I find an item that lets my pokemon attack first?

I have a dusclops and i am in need of an item like that because he is slow. Hes my only pokemon with mean look and im trying to catch cresselia...

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From: FrozenTime 5 years ago

There are a few items that make Pokemon move faster.
Quick Claw - Pokemon have a random chance of moving first (Found in Jubilife City- big house above Pokemart)
Choice Scarf - Pokemon gets a 1.5x speed boost, but is limited to 1 attack (Battle tower prize for 48 BP)
Salac Berry - Pokemon speed is raised one stage when is on low health (Event berry from Emerald)

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You're looking for Quick Claw, with this your pokemon may attack first. You can buy it in the battle tower for 4 points i think.

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Another thing is a Custap Berry. very rare!
It makes your Pokemon move first at low health.

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First of all make sure youre level is way higher than Cresselia. A quick claw I forgot where it find but that would help.
Use moves like Endeavor, False Swipe, Pursuit, Counter, or any moves that 100% won't kill her. Try catching her at night so you can use a dusk ball to make it easier. Nice job with the Mean Look btw!!!!!!!

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Much higher level or using lots of Carbos, perhaps with Quick Claw, Choice Scarf, Salac Berry combined with low health, or Custap Berry combined with low health, would be a good way to ensure your Dusclops moves first.

By the way, Crobat is faster and can also learn Mean Look (at least it could in R/S/E, not sure in D/P/P.), if that would work better.

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Also, Ariados can learn Spider Web and Sableye can learn Mean Look.

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First, go to Jubilife City. Go to the condominiums. Talk to the blonde girl sitting next to a pachirisu and a pikachu. There you go!

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