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How do i get an Umbreon???

I have an eevee and it likes me and its night.....i level it up and nothing happens =(.....what am i doing wrong????

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Ike2100 answered:

you are doing the right thing level it up between 8:00PM and 4:00AM while its happiness is at maximum and it should evolve into Umbreon just to help you try giving it its favorite poffin make poffins in the poffin house in hearthome city, never let it faint in a battle meaning use lots of healing potions and different things to keep it alive in battle, and also try giving it the soothe bell which is an item that increases happiness over time and keep it in the first slot of your party hope this helps you !
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Risen_Dead101 answered:

I found that it wasnt at max happiness. It was close but not all the way maxed.
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