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Where can I find the pokemon evee?

iIreally want the evolved forms of em

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Whos bebe in hearthrome?

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maniac909 answered:

All you have to do to make eggs is put EEVEE (regardless of gender) into the daycare with a ditto
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SSJGohan15 answered:

Bebe will give you an Eevee in Hearthome city. Also, after you get the National Pokedex (post Hall-of-Fame), you can find Eevee in Mr. Backlot's Trophy Garden. It varies by day, however, which Pokemon you'll find in the garden itself.
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RaikouTGC answered:

the above is Correct except the National Dex can be gotten before the E4, which will Activate the Trophy Garden
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PAHERZ answered:

It doesnt vary by day but you will need the national dex
You can go up to Mr. Backlot, Save and then talk to him. If he doesnt say Eevee reset and try again.
Once he says Eevee go to the garden and catch some
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Johirem answered:

If you want more than one, it will probably be easier to breed for them. You can get one from Bebe, but I'm not sure if there is a block on getting a female from her. Lots of people say yes - others say if you save and re-load again then she will eventually give you a girl - but most times it will be a boy.

You need the national dex (obviously) so the best other bet is the Trophy Garden, Paherz has it right there, save and talk to Mr. Backlot, keep resetting till you get an Eevee. It's only a 2% chance that you'll see one, so te key thing is here is patience and persistance.

When you get a female, check the egg groups (or if the one Bebe gave you is Male then just put them in daycare together) and then just wait for the little Eevee eggs to appear.
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bulldoger11 answered:

A very easy wat to get Eevee is to get the national dex, then talk to Bebe (she made the PC system in this reigion).
you can also migrate an eevee ar trade for one. If you want an Eevee egg, you may get the first Eevee, migrate another Eevee (different gender) or migrate a ditto, and breed in the Solacetown day care.
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maniac909 answered:

AFTER you`ve gotten the nat. dex you go to bebe, she`s the lady who made up the pc boxes, her house is right next to the pokemon center in hearthome.
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cr4zyyxm4n answered:

You can get Eevee after you get the National Dex (beat the elite 4, see the first 150 Pokemon) and then head to Hearthome City. go into the house directly beside the Pokemon center and talk to the girl inside. Answer her and she'll give you an eevee.
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gaminggenius531 answered:

I found an Eevee in the trophy garden.
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