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Who is the best pokemon?

lilnst asked for clarification:

I meant Linoone for Chaining* ^ ^ ^

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jvkua answered:

There is no actual best pokemon because all pokemon are equal
lets say we have a charizard which gets beaten by blastoise which gets beaten by venusaur and there are different factors which also affects it like swampert can beat both sceptile and blaziken because he has ice beam and surf so there is no "best" pokemon
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lilnst answered:

Arceus is technically the best pokemon but their are other factors that make pokemon good like how mew can use all the tm's or how pokemon can be EV'd and some have better IV's than others. Also some pokemon are better at certain things like ditto for breeding or a high level linoone for training etc.
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Lucario1545 answered:

There is no best pokemon as everyone on of them is weak to something. They are clearly equal.
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Lucario1545 answered:

There is no best pokemon as everyone on of them is weak to something. They are clearly equal.
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Evil_Viet answered:

I'd say Arceus since his Stats are nearly equal, and almost no other pokemon has stats like that. He's a normal type legendary so he has no weakness.
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FrozenTime answered:

If you mean the best base stats, you can find out who has the highest stat in any stat or just the total of all of them combined at Serebii:
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pikachu250 answered:

I think that arceus because he can change of type with the plates
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9121991 answered:

i think that the strongest type is dragon and the strongest is (i think) Arceus. With the plates you can confuse all of your friends about the type.
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greywolf676 answered:

i thing arceus or dragonite cuz dragonites do goofy lookin that you enemy dies laughing and also THERES NOTHING WRONG WITH A LEVEL 100 STARLY srry but i have one
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RevanExile answered:

Arguably Kyogre or Rayquaza. They are the most powerful two Ubers in the metagame. Kyogre has drizze, water typing, and water spout, making an absolutely OBSCENE attack, while Rayquaza can swords dance to godly attack levels and sweep with dragon claw and extremespeed.
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Ordinary_Gamer answered:

I don't honestly believe there is a 'best' pokemon. Simply because all pokemon have weaknesses to other pokemon, and large move pools to counter the types they are weak against.

For example:- Groudon with the Drought ability using Solarbeam effectively against water pokemon which are its primary weakness.

In the old Red/Blue/Yellow games, Mewtwo was superior. Mainly as it could learn Blizzard, Thunder and Fire Blast as well as knowing Psychic. It had high speed and special attack and no real weaknesses. (Mainly as the only ghost pokemon at the time were Gastly, Haunter and Gengar and as they were part poison as well meant Psychic completely destroyed them)

I used to think that Dragonite was the strongest dragon typ around. But as the games have progressed, his speed has greatly decreased and I now feel that Salamence is perhaps the strongest dragon type with strong competition from Garchomp.
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nicolas1284 answered:

Arceus is by far the best. You get him at level 80 and he changes type with the plate. At level 99 his Judgement is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!! It does awseome damage dependign on plate!
He does learn all moves as well right?

Mew is awseome too considering he can learn any move and improves stats really fast compared to any other pokemon. For example, he learned pound on my pokemon yellow at level like 15 he can kill like brock's onix in like 2 hits with pound!
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pokepuncher answered:

It depends on what your after:
If you need a good type of pokemon the 2 best are Spiritomb and Sableye (Weakness to only Foresight + Fighting attack combo)
If you need Good movesets Mew and Mewtwo are the most obvious choices.
Even NU could be your best pokemon, as your best may not be due to strength, but perhaps a poisoner or just one you have a soft spot for.

If you were asking for one pokemon though, I would probably say Salamence.
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coolman200 answered:

There really isn't a best pokemon. This is because every pokemon is weak to another one.
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