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How and where do you catch Rotom, Heatran, Darkrai, Magbi, and Elekid in Pokemon Diamond?

I have beaten the Pokemon League and gotten the National Pokedex. I've traded with a friend for Cresselia. I know that there is a connection with Cresselia and Darkrai, but I don't know what to do. Please I need help, anyone, please!!!

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Which area do you have to finish for the first time. Also is rest area the resort area and what sceen occurs. Lastly, can you tell me where I can find the leafgreen version.

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PokemonHero17 answered:

Darkrai is either event only or AR cheat. If I remember right the event for darkrai is over so you need an AR code. There are plenty of other sites that can show you where., here at the boards and many others. Rotom can be catched in the old cheateu which is in the first forest you were in. Can't remember the name. It's on the second floor with the room with the tv. Watch tv and it'll ask you if you want to bump it. You know the rest. Heatran can be found at stark mountain in the battle tower area. The heatran can be caught after you finish the area for the first time. Leave and go back to the rest area and go back after a scene occurs. For Magby and Elekid, I know Magby can be caught at stark mountain if you have a firered version in your GBA slot on the DS, but it has to be caught in the first area or right outside of stark mountain. With Elekid you have to have a leafgreen version in your GBA slot on the DS. I don't know where you can catch a elekid though.
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PokemonHero17 answered:

You have to finish Stark Mountain. No, I made a mistake. It's called the Survival Area. You can buy a leafgreen at Game stop or Game Crazy if you are in the right area. It's a sceen with the kid that follows you and his grand father. You have to go to his house and they start talking. I can't remember if you have to talk to them to show this "scene" or not.
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