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Asked: 5 years ago

Where can I find (Dialga)?

I Need a Detail Answer & Direction PLS!

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From: Envy3 5 years ago

You will need to have beaten Team Galactic in Veilstone City first.

Then you need to go to the top of Mt. Coronet. (A pokemon with Surf and a pokemon with Rock Climb are needed, and Rock Smash and Strength will enable you to get more items)

The entrance to Mt. Coronet closest to Oreburgh City is the quickest entrance.

Dialga is in Spear Pillar, the top level of Mt. Coronet. But you'll need to battle Team Galactic Grunts on your way. In Spear Pillar, you will battle Galactic Mars and Jupiter with your rival. Then you will fight Cyrus. Finally, you can battle Dialga.

MAKE SURE YOU SAVE *STRAIGHT* AFTER YOUR BATTLE WITH CYRUS. Dialga is reasonably easy to catch but make sure you have potions and revives and lots of ultra balls (or whatever you use). An escape rope or a pokemon with Dig will make the exit much quicker.

Once you catch/defeat Dialga go up to where it was and you'll find an adamant orb.

Hope this helps.

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Aku sdh punya 2 dialga.Kamu mau trade gag sma aku???datang aj ke smd....Apin

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You can find Dialga after catching Giratina, just go to the waterfall you will find the orbs and then you will find both palkia and dialga in spear pillar.

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wrong game Jafar that is Platinum

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Just beat the elite4 and talk to the old lady in celestictown follow her direction they will both apear

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He's in spear pillar wich is in mt. coronet

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Spear Pillar, Mt. Coronet and in Mt. Coronet you need to battle team galactic before Dialga, but BEWARE Dialga is lv. 47.

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On the peek of Mt . Coronet .

-Rock climb
-Rock smash

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MT coronet after beating candice ( 8th gym) Rock climb Rock smash Strength needed

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In Diamond, Dialga is atop Spear Pillar. You need to defeat Candice first to get Rock Climb. In Pearl, he is in a book some old lady shows you in Celestic Town.

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Bearmen, you moron, Candice is the 7th gym

VOLKNER is the 8th gym. You defeat him AFTER you get Dialga!!

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