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Asked: 5 years ago

How do make the POKEMON that evolve from happiness happy?

I have a few POKEMON that evolve from happiness. I was wondering how to make them happy?

Accepted Answer

From: FrozenTime 5 years ago

There's many different ways to increase Happiness:
*Use them in battle and level them up.
*Walk or Ride your bike around while it is in your party
*Use the massage lady in Veilstone city (Once per day)
*The spaw in the Resort Area (Have a Pokemon with 10 or more ribbons to open)
*Energy Drinks (Fresh Water/ Soda Pop/ Lemonade/ MooMoo Milk)
*Vitamins (HP Up/ Protein/ Iron/ Calcium/ Zinc/ Carbos)
*Use certain berries (#21 through #26)
*Have it eating Poffins (anything works if it's a nuetral nature)
*Winning Super Contests (Hearthome City)
*Walk in Amity Square (only for certain Pokemon)
Note: If it is holding a Soothe Bell, or is caught in a Luxury Ball increases happiness gain is doubled.

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You can either level it up or give it berries that raises happiness but reduces stats.

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Pofins usually can do a lot

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