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Which is the best hold item for the move Fling (TM 56), I'm interested in both attack and effects of the move?

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MarioGalaxyR0X answered:

The strongest one'd be Iron Ball with 130 BP.

^That link should give you more detailed info.
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FrozenTime answered:

I'll just tell you the best ones sooo,

The items that have effects are:
Poison Barb does 70 and Poisons
Toxic Orb does 30 and Toxics
Flame Orb does 30 and Burns
Light Ball does 30 and Paralyzes
Razor Fang/ Kings Rock does 30 and Flinches

The strongest damaging items are:
Iron Ball does 130
ALL Fossils/ Hard stone/ Rare Bone does 100
ALL Plates/ Grip Claw/ Thick Club/ Deep Sea Tooth does 90

Info from If you want to know all of them, go to:
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