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How do I get past snowpoint citi gym?

How to get to the gym leader?

delldelldelldel provided additional details:

How to solve the puzzle?

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Hotguy845 answered:

The gym theme is ice,so you're mostly gonna need fire,rock,fighting,and steel pokemon.The Gym Leader/Elite Four/Rival Guide says your pokemon level should be 40,or more,the guide might help.Also,I forgot exactly how I beat the gym leader,but I used an Infernape with a high level.
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ThaAzureTaihaku answered:

You mean when you get in the gym right??

hold up ill go slove that puzzle again :)
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ThaAzureTaihaku answered:

Hot guy is right :)

which is why i gave him a thumbs up haha

jus tel me if you want me to solve the puzzle
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