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What pokemon can you catch with Emerald?

I've got both daiamond and emerald in my ds and i don't know what special pokemon i can find.

Accepted Answer

cheesemanexe answered:

Pineco- Eterna Forest, Routes 203,204,229
Gligar-Stark Mountain, Route 206, Route 207, Route 214, Route 215, Route 227
Shuckle - Route 224
Teddiursa - Route 211 and Lake Acuity
Ursaring - Lake Acuity, Route 216, Route 217
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RaikouTGC answered:

Now that requires the National Dex. Also any Pokemon in the Emerald Game itself can be Imported to Diamond after you can access the Pal Park (belo Sandgem) there are a few restrictions though

1. the GBA Pokemon must have all GBA HMs removed before Migrating
2. you can only migrate 6 Pokemon a day per GBA Cart, and you must catch them in the Park before Migrating from another cart that day
3.Migrated Pokemon are removed from the GBA Game FOREVER, no going back
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