Question from Valderclc

How do I catch sandy cloak and trash cloak burmy?

I need to know if there's a specific tree to catch trash cloak and sandy cloak Burmy, and if they apear as the aformentioned burmy or if they apear as plant cloak untill capture

Valderclc provided additional details:

i've been trying to catch trash cloak Burmy near fuego iron works

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Chronoman17 answered:

To get trash cloak, use Burmy in a building. To get Sandy Cloak, use Burmy in a cave, IIRC.
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TweedleBeetle answered:

You should breed them with Ditto, it will be faster. But, no, there is no specific tree.
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yaab_bee answered:

You catch grass Burmy in the trees, then go train with it into a
gym, OR beach
for the other forms.
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FrozenTime answered:

I don't think you can find a trash or sand cloak in a tree.
Just find a Grass one and level it up in a Building or Cave and it will change.
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jedimaster117 answered:

Catch 3 Burmy keep one how it is, train one in a cave and train the other in a building and there you go.
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