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Where do I find Palkia and Dialga?

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216487 answered:

As the story continues, you'll be going to Mt. Coronet after getting your 7th badge. Once on the top, you'll battle Mars/Jupiter with your rival as your partner. After healing you, the rival leaves.

A small cutscene later, Dialga/Palkia is summoned. After another cutscene, you'll face Cyrus. After baeting him, you can save at that point.

Move a little closer to the legendary and you'll battle either Dialga for Diamond or Palkia for Pearl. There is only one of it, so it's recommended to catch it. (Pretty easy actually) Alternatively, you can run away, or defeat it. After you catch the pokemon, head back to where it once stood to get an Adamanorb for Dialga or a Lustrious orb for Palkia.

To see the pokemon that is not the version mascot (Dialga for Pearl/Palkia for Daimond) Go to largest house in Celestic Town after defeating the Elite Four. An old woman will show you the picture of the pokemon and it will count as being "seen".
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Mazinga_Zetto answered:

Depending on which version you have, you can find one of them on top of Mt. Coronet, Spear Pillar.

Diamond has Dialga, while Pearl has Palkia.
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puffhead3443 answered:

After you beat Cyrus at the Galactic Headquaters in Veilstone, go to route 207 (The route to Mt. Coronet in Oreburgh City) and go through the maze in the mountain and then you will reach the Spear Pillar, and after beating Mars, Jupiter and Cyrus, Dialga (If you are playing Diamond) or Palkia (If you are playing Pearl) will appear at the pedestal north of where you fought Cyrus.
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Gamegeek_7 answered:

After fighting your way to the peak of Mt Coronet, fight a ton of Galactics, and then Cyrus, then fight Dialga or Palkia, depending on what game you have.
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x_tremechaos answered:

After you fight Cyrus in Mt. Coronet, a vortex will open up and Dialga/Palkia will come out of it. The Pokemon tho depends on if the game is Diamond or Pearl. After the pokemon comes out, you can save but then you must decide to either defeat it or capture it to make it yours. Though the main thing to remember is that Spear Pillar is deep inside Mt. Coronet
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waferbread answered:

There's a storyline point where you have to scale Mt. Coronet. You'll fight Cyrus, then you'll have the chance to battle Dialga or Palkia depending on your game version. You can't miss it since you're forced to either capture or KO it if you want to finish the game.
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KingOGames408 answered:

After defeatting cyrus at spear pillar, dialga or palkia will appear depending on your game version.
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Elementalninjam answered:

After defeating Team Galatic Boss Cyrus, depending on your version, Palkia or Dialga will appear.
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Beatlesrocker answered:

Follow the story line, sure to lead to a Legendary
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Chronoman17 answered:

Basically, just beat Cyrus in the Galactic HQ. Then, get to the summit of Mt. Coronet, Spear Pillar. After that, beat the Admins with your Rival's help. Then you must fight the President, Vice President, Chairman, and CEO. Thankfully, they are all the same person; Cyrus. After beating the President, Vice President, Chairman, and CEO, you will fight Palkia (Pearl only) or Dialga (Diamond Only). I recomend starting with a pokemon like Bronzong that can either dish out Hypnosis fast or Take a hit, then hit with Hypnosis. Of course, if you have a more accurate Sleep inflicting move, by all means use it! If you hit Dialga/Palkia successfully, throw a Quick Ball. The Quick Ball has an excellent capture rate in the first five turns. If it breaks out, don't fret, just go on, using false swipe if you have it, Sleep/Paralyse it, then throw something else at it. You can defeat it, but not only is it boring, it also keeps you from getting that Legendary unless you start another file, which I doubt you want to do. You can also Run, but this is more boring than normally battling it! Good luck.
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