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Dawn stone?

how many are there throughout the game, because I want a froslass & a gallade but I only have one, are there more if not which one should I use the dawn stone on snorunt or kirlia?

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SmokeRulz answered:

In Diamond/Pearl, that Mt. Coronet Dawn Stone is the only one you can find in the wild. However, a Pokemon with the Pickup ability can find more stones. Catch a Pachirisu and level it up to at least Level 71 to get a 10% chance to find each stone after a battle.

As for who to use it on, it really just depends on who you want. Gallade is Psychic/Fighting and a Physical attacker, Froslass is an Ice/Ghost and can do either but is probably best suited as a Special attacker or a utility Pokemon. I used Gallade in my main team in my Platinum game, I had fun.
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