Question from goobermanman

Asked: 6 years ago

Where can I find a dusk stone?

I want a mismagius and i have already used a dusk stone on honchkrow. Is there another one that i can use for mismagius?

Additional details - 6 years ago

Where on victory Road?

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From: FrozenTime 6 years ago

You can find the original one in the Galactic Warehouse (Requires Warehouse key).
You can get one from the Pokemon abiliy Pick Up (LV. 31-100)
You can also transfer one from Pokemon Battle Revolution for 7200 points.

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There is also a Dusk Stone in Victory Road after getting the National Dex.

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I think its near the entrance closer to the Elite 4 and it's in that cave that the person was blocking until you beat the E4 (Somewhere to the right)

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The easiest way to pick up Dusk Stones (and plenty of other items) are to have poke'mon with the pick up ability. (Linoone, Zigzagoon, Meowth, Pachirisu, and Munchlax)

You should have these Pokemon at least on level 50 or higher to pick up dusk stones.

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