Question from ChrisPerez001

Asked: 4 years ago

How do i evolve a poliwag into a politoad and a slowpoke into a slowking?

Does it has to do with a kings rock?

Additional details - 4 years ago

Does it have to be at a certain level??
Because i've tried trading both of them in their 20's but it didn't work

Additional details - 4 years ago

Okay Slowpoke evolved but poilwag didn't. And i'm just saying their both on the same level(30)

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From: aortiz_48 4 years ago

Poliwhirl evolves int to politoad not poliwag

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Yes. Give them a King's Rock and trade, they will evolve after it.

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No certain level is needed. Just make it hold a King's Rock and trade it over to another 4th gen game while it still is holding the item, and it will evolve.

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To get politoad you have to evolve poliwag into poliwhirl FIRST (get poliwag to level 25) THEN attatch the kings rock and trade it.

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You must evolve poliwag into poliwhirl and give him the King's Rock and trade it.

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To make poliwhirl and slowpoke evolve, you must give them a king's rock to hold, then trade them to another 4th gen game. To get a kings rock, get a pokemon with the compound eyes ability and fight a wild poliwhirl. Use the move Thief, and you may get a king's rock.

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