Question from ajyan

Asked: 4 years ago

Were do i find the 5th gym leader with the purple hair?

PLZ help me when i talked to her she said that i needed to get stronger then she dissapears then i went to the gym she is not there! plz help

Accepted Answer

From: ValkyrieCain 4 years ago

Leader Fantina is not at the gym when you talk to her because she is the 5th gym leader. You must first defeat Leader Maylene of Veilstone and Leader Wake of Pastoria. Then you talk to the Galactic Grunt near the Great Marsh. Follow him and do everything else up until you get to Celestic Town and earn HM03 'Surf.' Then you fly to Hearthome City using whichever pokemon (Staravia, Hoothoot, ETC.).

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Okay, you must do the story up until you do the events in Celestic Town (you know, when you get HM03 Surf). Afterwards, all you need to do is get back to Hearthrome and solve the usual Gym puzzle (this being basic mathematics) and there you go.

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