Question from Megaaceexe

Asked: 4 years ago

What is the best way to catch an Aipom?

What is the best way? I smear honey on a honey tree (near Sunyshore) and i encountered Burmy after about 10 hours.

How many hours is the best amount of time for most Aipoms to appear?
5 to 6?
or more?

I really want that Aipom bad..

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From: mnkysprn 4 years ago

Smear more honey on a lot of trees. Don't just rely on one. Plus it is not time based on how much time = a certain pkmn, it is still random like walking through grass. This is what I did with my diamond version.

If you have seen it in a battle go on the GTS and trade for one. This is what I did with my platinum version, in fact I traded for all the tree pkmn on platinum.

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Master Ball

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