Question from gabitelover

Asked: 5 years ago

Where is dratini?

i know dratini on the 4F of Mt. coronet, but i don't know which way to go there... please help me...

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From: ShinyFlygon 5 years ago

For Dratini, you must have beaten the Champion.

Fly to orebrough, get on your bike, and cycle to Mt. Coronet. But instead of going through, surf UP and go the way you would normally get Dialga. Once you reach the snowy outside bit, go the way you normally would, but use rock climb only ONCE. Then go right and there is another way in. Surf left a bit, and go up the waterfall. Fish there for Dratini.

Oh, and they're hard to catch ;)

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If you mean you don't know which way in the cave, then it's behind a waterfall. You have to use the Super Rod.

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Mt. Coronet... REALLY RARE! Just keep searching. Or send one in from fireRed

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