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Asked: 5 years ago

Are you able to clone legendaries with a ditto in the day care?

someone told me I was able to.

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From: latiosu 5 years ago

If you take 2 compatible pokemon to the day care they don't "Clone", they "Breed".
Cloning is cheating the game in order to get a pokemon duplicated (Same LV, Stats, Movements, etc)
Breeding is ... Well, you got pokemon father and pokemon mother, they do something and get an egg which will hatch into the mother's species (but some stats are inherited and other not, you're not a photocopy of your parents).
Ditto can breed with every non sterile pokemon, even genderless ones.

Legendary pokemon can't breed even with ditto (they are totally sterile). Manaphy is the only exception, if you breed him with ditto you'll get a phione who can't evolve to manaphy at all.

Whoever told you that you were able lied.

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No because legendaries do not have a gender

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No unfortunatly not... Except for Manaphy you can't without using a cheating device AR etc...
Although Manaphy do not breed Manaphy eggs...

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Latiosu is right. Certain pokemon like MOST legendary pokemon and the baby pokemon cannot breed. For example, you can't breed pichu but you can breed pikachu. You can't breed Mewtwo or Dialga at all.

There IS one legendary that will breed into a new pokemon, but said pokemon won't evolve back into the legendary. That one is Manaphy. That is the only known legendery that can have children..and I think it's children can breed too.

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There is one legendary that can clone (breed) with ditto ( manaphy).

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Manaphy is the Only Legendary Pokemon that can be successfully bred in the Daycare, BUT, if your gonna cheat, at least do that right. An Action Replay or Gameshark will work, preferably the Action Replay, due to the vast amount of codes that can be added to it with little possibility of it frying itself or your game. Don't EVER buy a CodeBreaker Cheat Device from Pelican. It works as bad as their collectable game controllers.

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