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Asked: 5 years ago

What is the best form for Deoxys?

I prefer attack form because of the speed and power, but are there any different opinions. If so, help me improve my srategy by telling me them.

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From: Anubis68 5 years ago

I like speed form. It is balnced in every stat and has high speed. Just use the other forms to train the other stats for a balanced deoxys.

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There is no best form of Deoxys. Personally, I have all 4 forms of Deoxys and use them in a separate team...if I were to choose though, I would pick the Speed form of Deoxys.

Why? Because in battles, speed is the key to winning for me that is.

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i chose to go with the attack form. i wound up with a total of 465 points into special attack, with speed it was about 300. i dont know if this was a good thing or not but i agree with MKWANO, i dont think that there is one form better than another.

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It depends on your team. If you team has a lot of Sweepers, and is lacking Defense, then I would use the Defense form. It can be a great wall w/ Recover. If your team doesn't have enough strong Special Sweepers, then I would use the Attack form. I wouldn't really use the Speed form since rarely anyone can outrun his Attack Form anyways.

Well, I like the Attack form more than the others, so if it were me, I'd use the Attack form and adjust which Pokemon should be in my team to make a balanced team.

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I think the best from of deoxys is a balance
because my deoxys balance mode its all above 300, but its sp defend is 276

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I prefer speed's shape was so cool...and my pokemon team are very speedy! Because speed is key in any battle!

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Speed form, its all been said before.

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