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Asked: 5 years ago

Is a baby poke's gender determineds when you get the egg or when it hatches?

cuz I specifically want a female Riolu from Riley.

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From: legendhunter999 5 years ago

Whether or not it is shiny, the nature and the gender are all determined upon receiving the egg. Therefore, hatching the same egg several times by restting will not change the outcome. This is what I have experienced.

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I believe it is when you get the egg.... not 100% sure though

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When you get the egg. I hatched a Torchic around ten times before I noticed his nature was the same each time.
You can always breed the Riolu or Lucario with a Ditto if you still want a female

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Not really, and when i tried to put a starter in the daycare with a ditto the baby came out male since the starter was male

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Gender, nature, and ability are all determined as soon as you receive the egg, with the IVs determined when the egg hatches. You might want to keep in mind that certain pokemon are more likely to be one gender than another; Riolu and the starters all have only 1/8 chance to be female.

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also, pleaseeeeehelp me on this one, will I still be the OT if I give an egg to a friend or will HE be the OT?

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No. Although it does determine which pokemon u'll get. The female in breeding determines the species of pokemon that will come out (not evolved forms)

What determines the time in which u get the pokemon's egg is how well the 2 pokemon u put 2geather like each other. All u have 2 do 2 find out is speak 2 the old day care man when 2 pokemon r in the day care 2geather. These r the phrases 2 look 4 & what they mean:

1."The two prefer to play with other pokemon more than with each other"=U'll NEVER GET AN EGG!
2."The two don't seem to like each other much"=WILL TAKE A LONG TIME
3."The two seem to get along"=TAKES A LITTLE WHILE
4."They're very friendly "=THEY KEEP ON POPPING OUT!

*Always receive at least 3 or more poke eggs when u're breeding something specific beause u could choose from the best out of those, & most of the time, u won't get what u wanted (gender, ability, natures).

Oh Ya! I Almost 4got! 2 get a female Riolu, sadly u would 1st have 2 evolve Riolu into Lucario (by having strong freindship with it & then level up between the hours of 4:00AM-8:00PM) because Riolu's egg type is NONE, meaning u can't breed him. Once u evolve Riolu, then u can breed w/ another Lucario or Ditto.

If u still want a female Riolu, then may I suggest these steps 2 evolve u're Riolu the fastest:
*bring him 2 get a message every day from the lady in Veilstone City (2 the left of game corner)
*give him lots of rare candy,protein,iron,calcium,zinc,carbos, & HP ups
*keep Riolu in ur rooster as long as possible
*feed Riolu poffins
*DO NOT let Riolu faint!

I hope all of this helps & makes it easier 2 breed pokemon!

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