Question from britney830

Asked: 5 years ago

How do you get past the maid in the mansion below Hearthrome city?

I really want to see whats inside! I hope you can help. PS I DONT have an action replay.

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From: Anubis68 5 years ago

Shaymen isn't in there. He is north of route 224 in Flower paradise.

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The doors that the maids in the mansion block are not accessible. There is no way to get to them; the maids don't move.

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There is speculation of whether or not nintendo has a meaning for the maids blocking these doors, and if they will ever be revealed, but it is nothing. They are only there as an agitation to those who want to get by.

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There's no purpose for the maid's being there in Diamond or Pearl.
However, in Platinum, the Maids will challenge you, 5 maids in a row, if you want.

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No they dont move but I hav an AR and Shaymen is in there.

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They never move

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