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Asked: 5 years ago

What level does Lucario learn Aura Sphere, and where do I find Earthquake?

I really want these moves so I can finally defeat the Elite Four for the first time! I want to beat them before Pokemon Platinum comes out.

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Umm... I eveolved Riolu into Lucario at like level 45. Can I still get Lucario to learn Aura Sphere? And I need Earthquake for the Elite Four...I can't get to the Battle Frontier yet!

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From: DSTwins1000 5 years ago

How to Get Earthquake:
Fly to Oreburgh City,
buy an Escape Rope, and leave north to Route 207. Ascend the mud slope and cut
your way onto the area below Cycling Road. Make your way back to Wayward Cave,
but don't go in there. Stand as far up as you can, next to the bridge. Step
left nine times and then go up into a secret entrance to Wayward Cave. If you
don't find it, just feel your way around underneath the bridge.

Welcome to the only place in the game you can find wild Gible.

Push the boulder up out of your way and go left.Go up the mud slopes ahead and then jump all the
ramps.Switch to slow mode and jump the last ramp again so you don't fly over the rock. Go down and
around, switch back to fast mode, and jump the ramp. Cross the log, go down the
stairs, and jump the ramp to the right.Go up the mud slope to the left and go right. Jump the first
ramp, but not the second. Now,you'll have to time your turns right so you can maintain your speed while you
jump this final ledge. Do so and follow the path out of this room where TM26,
Earthquake, waits for you. Use the Escape Rope you should have bought like I
asked and warp yourself out.

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Lucario learns Aura Sphere at LV. 37.

Earthquake can be found inside Wayward Cave, rare chance of getting from the ability Pick up (Level 91-100), and can be bought at the Battle Tower for 80 BPs.

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You can go to the move tutor, and for a heart scale, you should be able to get Aura Sphere.

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And also Aura Sphere, Just look at Lucario_EXE's anwser.

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Lucario can learn Aura Sphere at Lv 37 or the move tutor (like they said). Do not haunt me if it's not the right one.
There are two or more earthquakes hidden in all of the game. One if you can find one in a shop or shard trading. Two AFTER you beat the elite four the dessert has a hidden poke ball at the bottom of the dessert. Or listen to the others with what ever they said.

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Also the move tutor to relearn aura sphere for your lucario is located in pastoria city. Remember the heart scale (can be found underground).

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Heart scales for the move tutor so that your Lucario can learn Aura sphere can also be obtained by showing the journalists the pokemon of their choice (which changes daily...) in Solaceon town... (They're in the house riiiiight next to the pokecenter...)

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If you have pass the level for Lucario learn Aura sphere just go to Pastoria and let him learn it with Move Remember!

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Earthquake is under the bridge where you find gible lucario learns aura sphere at lv 28

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