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Asked: 5 years ago

Premier ball?

The game said that the premier ball for an event,what event?

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From: JKiii 5 years ago

its a promotional event from the poke mart not an actually event in real life. You get one when you buy 10+ pokeballs at a poke mart. Kinda like if there was a promotional event at your Shop N save of Buy 1 get 1 free of soda pop.

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In any pokemart, if you buy 10 standard pokeballs, you will recieve 1 premier ball. It has the same catch rate as the standard ball, and looks different- like a pearl. It also has a slightly different opening animation.

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It isn't really an EVENT..... its just if you buy 10 pokeballs ya get another special pokeball. I dont think it has any difference from the pokeball as far as catching rate goes but it definately looks different.

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You get it for bying over or ten pokeballs. Trust me their worth it because when they open they look Pwettty (pretty).But it is about as strong as an Great ball.

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If you buy exactly 10 Poke Balls at a Poke Mart, you receive a Premier Ball. It is no different from a Poke Ball except for name, appearance, opening animation, and how to get it. It is not related to a real life event.

The best use for them is near the beginning of your adventure, so you can get more catching tools while they still are useful.

Premier Balls were introduced in Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald and are the same there.

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When you buy ten standard pokeballs, you receive a premier ball, it has the same catch rate as a regular pokeball just that it looks different.

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buy ten Pokeballs at the Great markt and you get one it's a ball that promotes the market

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Whenever you buy ten or more pokeballs at any Pokemart, you get one Premier Ball.

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You have to buy at least 10 pokeballs to obtain this, but it isn't really an event.
I'd ay it's the same as a pokeball, it just looks different and has a different opening when your pokemon enters battle.

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