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Asked: 5 years ago

What is the gts?

I dont understand?

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From: Aeres116699 5 years ago

The GTS is the Global Trading Station. Located in Jubilife City, to the west of the Pokemon Center, you can deposit a Pokemon there, and request another in return. It's kind of like trading, except you don't have to be there the whole time. You can just deposit your Pokemon, describe what you want in return, leave, and come back later to see if anyone's traded with you. Of course, you can also browse what other people are trading to see if anyone has something that you want.

Although, to be honest, the GTS isn't worth using anymore. Lots of people are asking for ridiculous trades, like their Starly for Palkia; there's still some people who offer legitimate trades, but odds are, you'll be overwhelmed by horrible offers.

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Also it requires a WiFi Connection.

And a note about the Trading you can only Request or Search for Pokemon you have at least seen in gameplay (Link Battles excluded)

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I think you also have to have a wireless router.

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Basically, you can trade Pokemon you have, for Pokemon you want, that show up in your Dex as 'seen but not caught' or 'caught' (if you wanted another of something rare). You can also browse the deals and trade with them whether or not they're on Wi-Fi right then. The problem is, some people are greedy or think their Pokemon is a lot more valuable than it is, and try to trade with it as such (an example would be Piplup for Mewtwo). Don't get me wrong, there are some people with decent trades set up, but you have to be wary.

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