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Asked: 6 years ago

Where do you find Ditto?

Wher can I find Ditto without fire-red/leaf-green?

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From: linker009 6 years ago

As you are leaving Canalave City (on route 218) there is a patch of grass just outside the city, you must use the Poke Radar in that grass, and some grass will wiggle. Every now and again there is a slight chance that a ditto will battle you.
It's not very common, and can take ages to find.

Hope that helped :)

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W/o fire-red/leaf-green, I'm asuming you have Emerald.
If you can transfer some from Emerald, they're really common.
It's 50% Chance of finding in the cave, Dessert Underpass.
Its to the left of Fallarber and route 114. Go into the Fossil Maniac's house and into the door to get there.

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It doesnt take ages to find on diamond. Just beat the game and get the pokeradar. Then go to route 218 and use a max repel. Look for sparkling patches of grass. Ive found about 45 on diamond.

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You can transfer/migrate ditto from ruby, saphire, or even emerald,
You know how.....

By trading ditto from leaf green/fire red to anyone of those..


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Use your pokeradar in the grass just outside of canalave city. They are mostly from lv25-29. It shouldnt take you long.

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If u got to canalave city and then go south and through the little house and u go by the honey tree and u go in the grass and u have to u poke radar which you get from prof. oak after acquiring the national dex and it should take u around ten or so tries to get a ditto but the time it takes is definitely worth it.

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Just outside canalave with poke radar.

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