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What is in Route 224?

Ok in route 224 there is rock that is white on the cliff that says " the surface is unmarked. Its is polished like a mirror.
I dont know if it is event or u have to be there in certain part of day or hour. I am lost about it so Answer this ASAP

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How do i open it ?

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Phantasmguy answered:

To get to the Flower Paradise, where Shaymin is located, wait for an event. You should receive an item called Oak's Letter. If I recall, if you travel to Route 224 with the item in hand, Prof. Oak will be there to greet you and Shaymin will appear from a flowery road. It should leave soon after and Oak will tell you to follow it. Indeed do, and you will reach a really flowery area called Flower Paradise. Shaymin is in the middle at Lvl. 30 or so, so there's no real worry about fighting.
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GR1852 answered:

Its an event route if you go there without having been to an event youll just see a stone tablet at the end of route 224 but if you have gone to the event a path should open and at the end of the path you should find shaymin
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groudon667 answered:

Other than the shaymin event (which is over) there is nothing worth value there, so dont freak out because u cant get there
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StefVDigi answered:

You can catch a duskull/clops with a pokeradar in there. Otherwise, that's about it.
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Mario_Comix answered:

This area is for strong training. If you get the Oak's Letter event item, you can get Shaymin. When you read it, you will be told to meet him (Oak) there. He talks about the strange, mirror-ish stone there. After a cutscene, Shaymin appears and turns the area flowery. Ride your bike up the new path that has opened. Use the "mach" (super fast) gear. You will see Shaymin at the end. As Phantasmguy said, it is at the middle at level 30 or so.
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Bobinater96 answered:

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mnkysprn answered:

It is the same thing with locked house in Canalave City, it is related to the event causing items that allow you to capture Shaymin. Of course if you missed the Shaymin download at TRUS the only way to get Shaymin is hacking the event item.

As others have stated there are duskull/clops on this route with the pokeradar, and Natu will appear on the route in swarms.
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Sino06 answered:

You must receive the event for Shaymin. Once you do talk to the green clothed guy in a pokemart. You will receive Oak's Letter. Take it to the polished rock and you will find Professor Oak there. Talk to him, and after the cutscene follow the path that appears. USE YOUR BIKE! At the end will be an island with Shaymin, Lvl40, in the center. Catch it.
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trapperxtreme answered:

Basically Shaymin, ghost poke, and rare items.
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