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Where can I find master balls?

Is there any ways to get multiple master balls on pokemon pearl?

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How do i clone?

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Supplice_ answered:

Yes, there is. Aside from the one given to you by the Team Galactic boss as part of the story, you can win Master Balls as first prize in the Jubilife TV lottery.
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FrozenTime answered:

I don't know if your against cloning, but you could clone them. I personally don't clone, but I'm not against it.
If you don't want to clone, you go to the trading boards, they might give you some for free.
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shinydarkrai98 answered:

I have won the first prize for the lottery and its a Max Revive not a Master Ball! They wouldnt give out a prize that rare. Also there is another way to get Master Balls. If you have another Pearl, Diamond, Fire Red, Leaf Green, Sapphire, Ruby, Platinum, or Emerald game then you can start over the game and get a Master Ball on there then trade it over by having a Pokemon hold it.
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shinydarkrai98 answered:

There is a cloning guide in the Faqs section. I haven't tried it.
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