Question from ppo456

what r some things I can do after I beat the elite four?

Need some ideas


inthebox44 answered:

See all 150 Sinnoh pkmn, then talk to the professor, get the Nat'l Dex, and go back to Snowpoint City and get on the boat there. (it takes you to a newly unlocked island). Also, in Canalave city, you can now go into Sailor Eldictrich's house; talk to the sailor and his kid, and he'll take you to where a legendary pokemon is, (Make sure to catch it first off, b/c it's a fleeing pokemon, and also make sure to get the Lunar Wing to heal the boy while you're there, b/c you'll get some rewards for it).

Those are some of the things you can do. I'm trying to remember more... if I do, I'll post them. :):)
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