Question from Urahara_89

Got member card, cant get in to the harbour inn - why?

Ok, I got the member card (AR lol) but the Harbour inn remains 'tightly shut' I have the badge from Byron - so whats going wrong? :P (dont wanna walk through the wall or over water to get to it lol)

crazygamer999 asked for clarification:

Wait,did you even get the national dex yet? you can't get him if you don't.


Stepswordsman answered:

Member Card itself is useless, events aren't triggered just by having the required key item.
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Urahara_89 answered:

Ok, what else is needed to trigger the event?

Thanks for the answer - and anymore info would be like appriciated :D
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Stepswordsman answered:

You need to trigger some specific values about which I don't know. Normally, it happens when you obtain the Member Card. Otherwise, you need an AR.
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ghuggi answered:

You need National Dex because Darkrai doesn't come in your sinnoh dex! Best way to do that is by fighting all trainers and beat elite 4. I never traded and still got national dex. Try it.
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crazygamer999 answered:

In order to activate the event, You have to get the key item though the MYSTERY EVENT(AR or legally). otherwise the flag won't go up and the key item is useless.
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hmelvin83 answered:

You have to have national dex to get darkrai along with the member card.
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JohnT71291 answered:

I had this problem too, but I found out that you have to beat the elite four, and get the national dex. After you beat the elite four, you might be missing a few pokemon from the sinnoh dex. There is a FAQ that has every location of every pokemon, and it is on gamefaqs, consult it to complete your pokedex. When you have the national dex, I think you will have to heal the little boy in canalave
(releasing cressila) before you are able to get into the harbor inn. After that, if you have the members card, the door will open and the event will begin!
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Kurosuke answered:

First of all after going to Full Moon Island and obtaining the Lunar Crest did you talk to the kid that was having nightmares?

If you didn't then that's the problem.

You had to talk to the kid to trigger the darkrai event after talking to the kid (assuming you still have the member card) just go to the inn and VOILA! you can now enter the inn without any more bs!

I know this was like 5 years ago but whatever! xD
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