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How do I get to fullmoon island?

I beat the pokemon league but I still cant get to fullmoon island.
I also been to evey town and stark mt.


PowerBobster answered:

I acidentally got this place. You have to wait until there is a full moon in real life(If your DS is set to the real time) and go to the port town. go into the salor's housse(the one with the energetic kid and the mother) If you came at the right time the kid will be in bed mumbling something about darkria. the salor tells you something about a legendary who might be able to save the kid. once thats done sail to fullmoon island(PS:You sail to Fullmoon the same way you sail to iron island)
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Stepswordsman answered:

You don't have to wait for the full moon. All you need is the National Dex.
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AbdelChaleed answered:

Get the National Dex. Then go to a house near a sailor in Port Town. Talk to a kid that sleep on a bed. Then talk to the sailor again. He will bring you to Full Moon Island. There, you will meet Cresselia. But she will fly away and drop something.
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