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Pokemon wont listen when traded, how to get Alakazam?

So, I found pokemon wouldn't listen to me when a friend trades em over... I'm not that far so I assume they will listen when I have all 8 badges (I had 3 and my lvl 12 wouldn't listen...). I want a good psychic pokemon and I remember Alakazam being the best besides Mewtwo... I got an abra thats almost a kadabra now, I was gonna trade to my friend and he was gonna give it back to me after its evolved but I'm worried it wont listen to me...

Also, of the 12 starter pokemon, which of each 3 types do you think are the best? He traded me all 11 of the ones (excluding piplup because I started with it) as eggs so they listen to me just fine, but idk which is best. I'm using piplup, bulbasaur, and cyndaquil atm. Just restarted the game yesterday.

Also, sorry if I'm wrong on the psychic pokemon thing, I didn't play ruby/saphire and I am just now getting into pearl/diamond again and dont know the pokemon. I only know the 1st gens really really good xD


Stepswordsman answered:

Traded monsters will not listen unless you have a badge that makes them obey.

In-game, any Fire type starter is the best. You can easily beat the game with any of the starters, but it's especialy easy with a Fire one. Competitively, Swampert, Empoleon and Infernape are the best.
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autumnsweet999 answered:

It will lisen to you. I have 3 bages right now and i traded my brother my kadabra for his gravler, then we trade back. I got i alakazam, he got a golem, and they listened to me and my brother so if you have 8 bages it will.
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