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How do i catch heatran?

I need help?

mudkiplover123 provided additional details:

with out a Master Ball please

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MetalKingBoo answered:

Try to make Heatran either Sleep or Paralyzed to increase your chances.
Dusk Balls/Timer Balls/Ultra balls are your best balls to use.

Dusk Ball gets an increased chance since you're in a cave.
Timer Balls gets more increased chance as the battle goes on. It stops increasing after 30 turns.
Ultra Balls... well yeah, you know about them.
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mudkiplover123 answered:

ok thanx Man
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mudkiplover123 answered:

Ok i tried that but nothing is working
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SkyeScarlette answered:

It takes time pacience and alot of balls but it works trust me i had to do it like five times over when i went for him.
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428crazy answered:

Gust use really week attacks tell his is like in the red and then parlize him or put him the sleep then throw a dusk ball
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428crazy answered:

Ohh and save gust befor you attack him then if you kill him gust turn it off and try again!
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BEEFCAKES98 answered:

There are three different ways.
1 Get a friend to lend you a Lvl.100, teach it False swipe and go at it.
2 Put one pokemon in the daycare get on the bike and ride until your pokemon are a good leval teach it False swipe
3 Go on WiFi and try your best to get a Lvl.100 and teach it False swipe.

(False swipe is a move that will not down a pokemon. It will knock it down to at most 1 HP)
P.S. Chuck Norris doesn't make pokemon faint, He kills it.
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