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Heracross and Munchlax?

Okay, so I've been hitting trees left and right and all I get are the same dumb bugs. I understand Heracross and Munchlax are rare for a reason, but are all the honeytrees random? Are there any locations that have higher (or any) success rates for snagging these two?

*NOTE* I read the one about Munchlax, and how he has a 1% chance of being encountered, but it still didn't say if that applied to all trees. So I still appreciate a fair answer, thank you.

gestaine provided additional details:

Thanks, I'll go back to dispairing now. XD One more thing though, Munchlax has a mathematical chance of 1% encounter rate, what's my chances of running into Heracross?

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VeedChris answered:

Heracross has a 4% encounter rate (and as mentioned, it applies to all trees). Not much better, eh?

Good luck.
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BStatic27 answered:

Sorry, but no. All Honey Trees have the same chance of finding a Heracross or Munchlax.
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shinikahn answered:

You can try getting them thtough GTS...
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nobody97 answered:

Try putting honey on EVERY tree there is and do that every day... it takes almost an hour just to honey all the trees so it would be easier to get them on GTS.
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DSTwins1000 answered:

If you want to see a Heracross or Munchlax challenge your firend more often. He has em'.
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uchiyamaikel answered:

When i try to get a pokemon from a honey tree the first pokemon i caught is munchlax and 2nd is heracross im not joking this?
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DSTwins1000 answered:

I encountered a Heracross at the Honey Tree by Valley Windworks,but never a Munchlax. That is like a 0.5% chance. Also, after you get the National Dex if you slather the honey tree to the right of Celestic Town, you have a 39% of encountered a Swablu.
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dillo9000 answered:

All honey tees are the same in diamond and pearl, munchlax have a 1% chance of being encountered.I do not know what the rate of heracross encounters are.
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