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How to evolve Shaymin??

Well, they say u can evolve Shaymin to Sky Forme. But how?

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MetalKingBoo answered:

You can't do this in Diamond and Pearl.

In Platinum and other future games like HeartGold and SoulSilver, you can.
You'll receive an item called the Gracidea Flower in the flower shop in Floaroma Town (Goldenrod City in HG/SS), after showing her your Shaymin. You let it hold this item, and it'll change to Sky Forme.

There are some boundaries for Sky Forme Shaymin:
- It can only stay in this forme from 5AM-8PM.
- If it has the Frozen status, it'll revert back to normal Forme.
- If it's in a PC, it'll also revert back to normal Forme.
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