Question from sonicasawerehog

How do I catch giratina?

Do i need a masterball to catch him


Netbattler-Q answered:

No, you can use any kinda of pokeballs.

Dusk ball is recommended for it's capture rate on caves.
Just weaken it like any other pokemon, be aware it's a ghost type and watch out for it's charged attack.
Putting it to sleep may bring good results.
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JESS0s answered:

No, you can catch him with a dusk ball, but giratina must have a low HP
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Arithi answered:

Before you battle him, save so u can reset the game if you kill him. When you face him off, Ice, Ghost, Dragon and Dark moves are effective against him but if you don't want him to die, use Fire, Electric, Water, Bug, Poison and Grass-type moves can bring him down slowly. Bring at least 20 dusk balls and ultra balls-try to use them when his health's in red.
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DivineReshiram9 answered:

Yes as Netbattler-Q says catch him with a Dusk ball that would make more easy cacht him , but first try to paralize him and make him have a low hp.... i recommend have at least 20 Dusk balls.
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awesomeguy9871 answered:

When you've faced giratina for a while, I would use a timer ball
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50mits answered:

After you beat the elite four go to the spring path (is located in the route behind pastoria and sunyshore ,sorry i dont remember the number:\)then its up to you how to find giratina beacuse the rooms are random. Dusk will be just fine but lower its HP first.
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