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How do i get more than one master ball?

I've all ready used it on Azelf so i think i screwed my chances. And i need to know soon. Thanks.

DarkDarkrai provided additional details:

im fighting giratina as we speak, i cought heatran yesterday with an ultra ball, but i think it was because he had no PP left on any of his moves. How would i catch giratina?

DarkDarkrai provided additional details:

thanks veed ill try it. my brother has emerald, but he won't give up his level 100 rayquaza or 2 groudons. :S

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VeedChris answered:

You can get it in the Jubilife Lottery, but you have to match up all 5 digits with an ID belonging to one of your pokemon. So having more pokemon from more people nets you a higher chance, but it's still really rare.

Alternatively, you can trade for them from other players, hack, or import them from a 3rd gen game. It should be noted that the Master Ball is not needed for anything specific; any pokemon can be caught in any ball.
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shinydarkrai98 answered:

Well you can weaken it to red life and use false swipe to get it to one hp and put it asleep. That should make it easier to catch. Or try trading on the gts for a pokemon holding a master ball or trade one over from a gba game. If you do get a master ball then I would suggest running into giratina until you run into a shiny giratina. Shiny giratina is truly one of the coolest shinys.
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nobody97 answered:

You can only get 1 unless you cheat but cheating glitches your game and hurts your ds.
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darkgenxen answered:

If your brothger has a emerald then he can give 2 a pokemon clone it then get the masterball migrated from his gsme unless hes already used it
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darkgenxen answered:

If your brother has a emerald then he can give 2 a pokemon clone it then get the masterball migrated from his game unless hes already used it
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vigk_vagk_v2 answered:

I personally cought giratina in an ultra ball. Funny thing was, I cought him on my 5th ball (lucky me) but caught palkia on my about 50th ball. (unlucky me). Just keep trying and you will catch it. The only way you can get another master ball legitly is through online trade (hopefully an unhacked one) or get super prize at the lottery. After 400 hrs and about 20 dif, bidoofs I got from trades, I only won this once.
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